He stood there.

Eyes fixated on this piece.

Tears rolled down his cheek.

His whole existence

Concept of life



He touched the golden frame

It flaked to bone


He wanted to look away

To feel joy again

To hold his belief

To understand hope



What happened to me?

Oh master

What have I done?


This was the first of infinite works

The ground pulled him down to pray

He could only cry

He grabbed his robes


Tears soaked thevirgin collar

He scratched at his face and looked up at the painting

He wanted to touch the picture but he couldn’t

He never could.


WHY?! he demanded.


Tears that deprived him of his breath

Held his air hostage

Punishing him


He wanted the sadness to go.

He needed it to go.

He wanted to erase the image in his head.

He wanted this madness to disappear.


He pulled himself up and placed his head on the frame.

He tried to touch it.

Hands shaking

He wanted to save her.

He wanted to punish them.

He wanted to protect them.

He couldn’t

He could only watch.


He grabbed the frame

It turned to golden flakes and floated away in the wind.


Father! he shouted in anger and overwhelming sadness.



BismillahiRahmani Rahim!


Let me tell you my sins!

Oh Father, show me no more!


He begun taking off his robe.



Take it away.

Offer me that deathless death.


He was naked and tears begun flowing down his whole body.

He hit his head on the wall


What was he looking at?





He looked up tothe picture and blood began flowing out of his eyes and down his cheek.


The golden frame flaked at the corner

Floated to his long white hair.


He began knocking his head against the floor.


He took one last look at the picture

He cried for his father one last time.


Upon the picture darkness began to form

There lay an angel with plucked wings,

Pieces of her wings were around her

Her clothes



She was crying

She was lost

She was scared


Her hands rose

To protect her and her babies

She tried


The babies had their wings

They were too raw to fly.

One ran

One crawled

They tried


She didn’t move.


Coming towards her were men.

Mere men

Carrying earthly weapons


Their faces innocent

As Father had meant it to be

They were content with life.

The anger and hate had been forced

He could see it didn’t belong.


But they were coming after her.

They were going to finish her.

He was certain


She lay there

Blood running down her cheeks

Her feathers turning to dust


She lay there



What angels were never meant to feel


She lay there for eternity

Knowing what would become of her

And her children.


He was forgiven

And heavens’ doors opened for him

He refused to walk through


Why? He demanded

Why would you condemn her like this?

What did she do so wrong

To deserve this frozen hell?


His heart ached

He stepped away from the door

He looked away from those behind it

They waited for him with open arms


He ran

He could feel their shock

He could feel their open arms go down


He ran

Because if he ran fast enough

He could save her


He could save those men

He could save them all

From him