Let me tell you about Lubnah…

Today I want to tell you about Lubnah. She’s this quiet reserved girl. Shorter than me (Oompa Loompa squad. Bah! I’m petty and stupid. I know.) She always takes an interest in people’s lives and opinions, always asking questions and talking about herself and giving small motivation punch lines like an undercover ninja. This is so appropriate ‘cause she wears a buibui. Ninjas wear black too. Get it?

That’s it guys, I’ve officially named and pictures Lubnah as a Buddhist Ninja. I digress. Back to what I originally wanted to say.

Nothing inspires me more than the fact that I remember meeting her during a Kwani? workshop in 2015. She was shy and scared but this year she surprised us all, releasing her first book Unbroken Wings that is a non-fiction book based on the life of Nafisa Khanbhai.

I jumped on that train and bought her book and read it in this inconspicuous corner where the office CCTV doesn’t capture anything. Who doesn’t want to read something written by someone they know. It’s the same instinct as running to hear gossip…it’s like professional gossip. It’s a small book and I like that. I don’t like hefty motivational books – like chill son, how much motivation you have to talk about?

I hope in the future when the channel is settles I get a chance to meet Nafisa and Lubna. Nafisa reminds me so much of my aunty Ferial Lowe who despite her disability was a remarkable woman, worthy of the tattoo on my body and the admirations of many. Nafisa reminds me so much of her in the sense that they uplift and have a strong almost intimidating personality.

Let’s take a side step, isn’t it almost balls-dropping scary when you meet a woman on a wheelchair holding as shot gun telling guys with machetes to ‘try me’. Nafisa, I love you man, but you kinda look like you might hit me with your crutch. Yes? No? We’ll have to see. Strength in people to make a positive difference in the world with the little they have is where true heroes hide.

This is a call-put, Nafisa and Lubnah, we’re gonna have to have you sit and interview with me as the host. I promise you questions that’ll make you shiver.

Lubnah if you’re reading this Con-fucking-gratulations (sorry I made you swear in your head. I’ll put cash in the swear jar) on this. I’m honestly so proud of you. If you guys want to see more of Lubnah’s work go check her out on Lubnah.co.ke.

Also I’ve released the first video on my YouTube Channel. For those of you who haven’t it go check it out. If there is anything you’d like to see me do in my YouTube Channel, do let me know. Comment on the video and I’ll holla