They called her the cloud thief, not because she had some weird supernatural power, but she was once seen picking the clouds right above her head and shoving them into her knock off Gucci handbag.

Mariam was tired of it all. She was tired of her boyfriend’s cheating ass. She was tired of her siblings treating her like she was lesser accomplished than her. She was tired of her arrogant bosses at work and the constant down talk from her colleagues. She was tired constant gossip around her and she was tired of men cat calling her in the streets- EVERY. SINGLE. DAY- she walked to work. She was tired of trying and failing on and on again. She was drained.

She had these bundles of emotions that flowed through her the moment she stood still, pushing her sanity around like a child left to the mercy of the sea. Sitting at reception during the long and boring afternoons were routine times for self reflection, future hopes and a slow painful walk down memory lane. She sat still in her swivel chair pushing side to side as she got engulfed into her thoughts and slowly walked the clear streets in her mind.

A small thought of self doubt would pop like a cotton cloud right above her. She would look up at it for a moment and then she would continue walking hoping that the clouds above her would stay where they are.

The cute little cloud followed.

She would look back to see that the cloud isn’t there and she would soon not bother to look above her. She would continue walking as another thought popped in her head. She compared her life to that of others. She wasn’t the luckiest, nor the most hardworking. She imagined a few people would work a thing or two and soon everything would fall into place and go their way. She would have to sweat, break skin, and loose more than she wanted to if she wanted to accomplish her dreams. Another small cloud popped right above.

She was too scared to grab any opportunity that presented in her life because of the possibility of failure. Failure was a loud echo she didn’t want to hear nor let anyone see. A duller cloud pops above and follows with the rest.

She was tired of men. They lied. They always lied. They were never honest and she knew eventually she would have to settle down with someone who she couldn’t even fully trust. She would look in his eyes and wonder what shit was he hiding now. Another cloud formed barely fitting on the ones above her.

Soon there was no more space for anymore clouds and there was no more space for sunlight to hit her skin. They fight and shake and move around right above her head like a swarm of food flies on day old food. Soon movement forms rumbling and the rumbling brings rain. The clouds bumped and fidgeted above her head fighting each other. Sparks began to form like little threats of thunder.

She loves the rain. It’s peaceful. The sound of rain drops hitting the ground and smell of earth now rising to the air. She stops to dance in the rain a little. She feels alive. She feels clean. She dances around and kicks the water around like she was 3 again. Soon she feels cold and her clothes are now heavy. The rain doesn’t stop. The rumbling gets louder and a lightning bolt hits the ground right in front of her feet.

She freezes and looks up to the clouds now finally noticing how dense and dark they float above her. They are grey. Dull. She looks ahead and can only see rain. The clouds are only above her and she thinks that a step away from the clouds was all she needed. She stretches her hand out to see if there is rain right in front of her she feels a slight dryness. She looks up to the sky and wonders what on earth is going on. She moves behind and the clouds follow. She moves in front and they follow like a shadow in the sun. Afraid she bolts away from the clouds.

Then stops and jumps.

The clouds follow and soak her wet.

She looks for anyone around her. She’s alone on this road. The clouds rumble with promise of another lightning bolt. She gets scared and runs under a tree and for a moment the rain stops. Until it starts to shower on the tree and the drops slide down the leaves onto her body. Fruits grow from the rain and animals build homes on it but she feels cold and tired of being wet. Annoyed she runs into a house.

She stands by the door waiting to see how it will come in. The clouds search around the house; knocking windows, banging on the door, trying to go through the chimney and even let a bit of sun through with hopes of a summer bloom. She doesn’t open the door.

The clouds whine outside looking at her as she looks back at them. She stays there for a while, until she can’t stay there anymore. She has to leave. She wears dry crisp clothes, picks up her raincoat wears it over her head and opens the umbrella. She takes a deep breath and opens the door and steps out into the sun. Quickly the clouds rush to her and lay on her umbrella like a cat cuddling its owner, as it lays on top it begins to rain again.

The rain becomes too heavy for the umbrella and the handle breaks and she is left getting rained on… again. She pulls the raincoat to her neck and begins to jog a little trying to get away from the cold rain.

She runs and runs. Soon she can run no more. She looks around hoping to see someone who can help. A few people pass her and she asks them for help with the clouds, most don’t pay attention to her plea and the few that do only try to shuu away the clouds before shrugging and walking away.

She calls for help from the universe in the quietest way possible. She sits on the ground and just lets the rain hit her head and back and she slouches over and cries. ‘WHY WONT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!’ she shouts to the clouds and they look down on her and keep on happily pouring.

Eventually Mariam realizes she’s tired of the rain. Just like she was tired of everything before but if she’s tired of everything in her life than what does she have to leave for? She pulls a glass from her handbag and collects some of the rain water and drinks it hoping to die. She spits out the water. It tastes horribly bad. She throws the glass at the clouds hoping to hurt them but the glass falls right back on her.

Frustrated and angered she gets up, picks the glass and throws it again to which it falls back on her. She throws the glass and moves away but the glass still falls on her. Angered she started punching and pulling at the clouds that pull back at her, dragging her around and throwing her down. She gets up and pulls at the clouds again. She is enraged beyond her sanity.  She pulls and thugs for so long that a cloud breaks off from the bunch suffocating in her tight grip. Shocked she lets go of the cloud and it quickly whimpers and floats back to the group.

She gets an idea.

She pulls out her handbag and begins to pull at the clouds like a mad woman. People pass by and see her wet clothes her messy hair as she fights with the cotton right above head. Bit by bit she puts all of them in her handbag. They struggle to get out but she stuffs them in and squeezes them till the bag clicks closed.

Soon the sky is clear again but she’s wet. There is still nothing in the distance so she looks up to the sun and wears her shades knowing that as she walks the sun will dry her up. She feels the clouds fight in her bag that doesn’t matter no more.

The phone rings and she’s pulled out from her thoughts. She picks up the phone touching to feel if her clothes are wet. They feel a little damp. No worries, she thinks to herself as she looks at her handbag.



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